Plant Nutrition


Switch Innovation offers a unique range of liquid fertiliser plant nutrition products. Our products have been scientifically proven in replicated trials to enhance plant performance and deliver higher yields.

advance promote

A unique liquid combination of 14 strains of beneficial microbes, plant stimulants and sugars has been independently proven in years of field trials to improve fertiliser availability and plant uptake, reduce fungal disease and increase yield.

Advance Amino is a full spectrum L-Amino acid that is plant-derived making it highly available to all agricultural crops. Its unique combination includes a range of beneficial biology, trace minerals, carbohydrates and enzymes.

advance kelp

Advance Kelp supplies the soil with naturally derived plant hormones and organic acids for increased root growth, thicker cell walls and stress reduction. Beneficial biology makes plants more resistant to soil pests and diseases while increasing nutrient availability.

advance energise

Energize Nutrient Release & Delivery Technology (NRDT) is a unique combination of liquid nutrients, root exudate enzymes, amino acids, sugars and bio-stimulants that release tied up nutrients and deliver those nutrients to plant roots.

plant guard

The only form of Silicon that is available to plant roots is Monosilicic Acid (H4SiO4). Plant Guard has the highest tested level of Monosilicic Acid available for both root & foliar uptake by plants – 24% MSA.

ZIMBA combines a range of essential trace minerals complexed with organic acids, plant stimulants and benefi­cial biology to maximise plant uptake. The end result is improved phenological processes delivering optimum plant performance.
Custom blended liquid fertilisers to suit specific crop needs. High quality, low salt index ingredients are used and Organic Acid Chelation Technology is utilised to ensure maximum plant uptake, disease suppression and plant performance.

Macro nutrients (N5%, P8%, K3%) along with trace minerals, biology (including VAM), plant stimulants and humic, fulvic & amino acids. A combination designed to enhance nutrient uptake & early plant vigour. Compatible with UAN Nitrogen.

in crop

Contains more Nitrogen than Crop Starter (N10%, P1%, K11%) to enhance plant development. Complimented with beneficial biology, humid, fulvic & amino acids, plant stimulants and trace minerals. Compatible with UAN Nitrogen.


eNhance has been designed to improve the delivery of Liquid Nitrogen products such as UAN to plants. The product also contains beneficial biology, stimulants and trace minerals.

canola k

Canola-K with N3% & K21% and designed to deliver sufficient levels of K to flowering canola plants so they can reach their yield potential. Complimented with beneficial biology, humid, fulvic & amino acids, plant stimulants and trace minerals. Applied in conjunction with Plant Guard for optimum results.

K 20 combines 3% Nitrogen and 22% Potassium that has been solubilised with organic alcohol & pH balanced to make it a highly available foliar plant stimulant. K20 improves a plant’s ability to cope with abiotic stress caused by heat, cold and drought conditions.

A fast-acting, highly refined available calcium that works at low rates to increase water penetration and reduce both salinity & compaction in the soil. An easy to apply a soluble solution that also increases calcium availability.

advance restore

Adds multi-strained biological life into fumigated, heavily farmed, depleted agricultural soils. Restore’s biological package is complemented with humates & kelp for feeder root development. Carbohydrates and amino acids stimulate existing soil microbes and reduce plant stress.

advance color pro Proven in replicated trials in Australasia and Europe to significantly increase colour in red skinned apples and plums. The combination of botanical extracts, minerals and organic alcohols stimulates anthocyanin production prior to harvest without effecting produce shelf life or storage.